Yosemite, during and after a winter storm is a magical place. I have been fortunate to experience this twice before, but both times were before I was serious into photography. That said, it was these experiences that helped instill the passion for photography that I have today. Flash forward to the present. I have been dreaming about a serious winter photography trip to Yosemite for a few years now. To do it right you really have to be in Yosemite during the storm, hopefully before they close the roads, which happens much of the time. The past few years the timing of the winter storms didn’t work with my work schedule or other commitments. This year the stars aligned. 

Last month I met  up with Harley Goldman and spent three fabulous days in Yosemite, in the middle of a winter storm. I think the images speak for themselves. I will have more to share as I continue to work through my film.

To check out all the new images, check out my New Work Gallery. Cheers!

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